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AQUADEEP FISHERIES GROUP, is a group of privately owned companies specialized in the fisheries, production and export of Crustaceans, Mollusks and fish from highly remote regions of Venezuela and Somali-Oman waters. Our company operating idea is based on controlling our fisheries artisanal fleet in order to control the entire operation from the root-up. A quality controlled artisanal fleet means our raw material is stable, controlled and reliable, allowing us to offer you the final product as per your requirements for the long term. Most importantly we are better able to control our cost when our entire operation starts from the fisheries stage and finishes with the final product packed in your container. 

If there are species of interested that are not mentioned on our website, feel free to inquire about it, we may be able to process it in small quantities or develop the production up to your request if seen fit. 

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