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Octopus Vulgaris

Our Octopus vulgaris is a daily caught by traps & pots, which is then brought to our facility live without Ice contact, which we then grade, clean, wash, freeze and pack according to Japanese size classification and European quality standards. Our product is suitable for Spain, Greece, Italy, USA and Asia. Block freezing is the most common form frozen, however, IWP-IQF is another option if necessary.

Ribbon Fish (Trichiurus lepturus)

Caught by hook & line within a 3-6 hour fishing trip, the raw material arrives in top quality to the facility. It is then washed, graded carefully to Korean or Chinese standards and then frozen and packed into 8, 9.5 or 10 kg carton Net Weight. Achieving pure silver color skinned without any scratches is a tough job for all involved, however, we train our staff from the fisheries stage on how to handle the material for minimal to no damage. Grading and layering is another important factor in achieving good results. 

Royal Sea Shrimps (Penaeus notialis)

Caught by our Venezuela artisanal fleet in shallow waters along the coast, we make sure the raw material is properly handled from fishing to factory and through our grading and freezing process all the way to final product and labeling. We treat the shrimps in Metebisulfite E223 to treat melanosis, therefore, the shrimp does not show nor degrade in quality easily when sold fresh or cooked to the end user. We specialize in shrimps from our humble beginnings, where we have learned a great deal in treatment and handling techniques. 

Spiny Lobster (Panulirus argus)

Caught by traps & divers then brought directly live to the factory, we can offer a true live-frozen final product for the Asia, USA and EU market. We are able to produce WR & Tails depend on the order. Season runs from Oct-April on average, with different timings in different regions. Sizes are between 400-1300 g, with majority around 500g. The lobster is first shocked in Ice-Water, then graded into size, frozen and then packed with correct labels depending the end market. We can produce 8 tons for small shipments, or 22 tons for full loads,the choice is yours. 

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